Joshua Starkman Devotional Prayer Saint Candle

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Happy Birthday to our buddy, Joshua Starkman!

This man is the patron saint of smiles, good times and all things music.

50% of the sales of this candle goes to the Louisiana Abortion Fund, which is most of the net profit as shipping and labor take up the other 50%. 

The image is photoshopped then printed and pasted to a traditional "7 day" white altar candle. Placement may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and placed. 

Back of Candle Prayer:

Our Joshua Who Art In New Orleans

Great Be Thy Day, thy music come, thy riffs be done, in the Big Easy as it is in heaven

Give us our daily smile and forgive us for our days not great

And lead us not into bad vibes, but deliver us from doom scrolling

For thine is the jazzfest, and the shred, and the “yah baby”, for ever!

And let us say, “Nailed It!”, HAVE A GREAT DAY! We love you!!


Please exercise caution when handling the candles and in general keep them in moderate conditions. While sturdy, ultimately these are art prints and are not able to withstand moist hot conditions.

If you are interested in custom orders, making a larger order, or have any questions feel free to message me.

*This candle is satire. You may not actually survive even if you light it. All rights to images are my own.*

Joshua Starkman Devotional Prayer Saint Candle
Joshua Starkman Devotional Prayer Saint Candle

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Smith
Have a great day!

This amazing candle was delivered promptly and adds a calming HAGD vibe to this jazzfest dad's home office, much appreciated!

luciana brown
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