Our Story


Hi! I'm the founder of The Luminary and Co. (known initially as Mose Mary and Me). My journey began in the challenging winter of 2015 when I lost my job. As a comedian without work and funds, I still wanted to give Christmas gifts to my friends. After a lot of brainstorming, I landed on the idea that would change my life: prayer candles featuring my friends’ favorite icons and comedians. A project born out of necessity and creativity and a friend's social media shoutout about my gifts unexpectedly launched what would become The Luminary and Co.

I started with just $0.02 in my bank account and donated plasma to fund my first batch. When it was time to open my shop, my roommate's loan of $200 helped me escape the plasma donation cycle, and soon, I was supplying to my first retail store, The Silver Room. The journey took a significant turn when Peaches Records in New Orleans brought my products wholesale, prompting me to relocate and expand. Despite several hurdles, the business flourished, enabling me to transition from my home office to a proper studio in River Ridge, Louisiana, and even hire a small team.

When you visit our store, you can see our original “Devotional” design and our “Luminary” and “Chelsea Merrill” collections. The Luminary Collection redefines idol worship with a bold, fun, modern collection that blends contemporary trends with cosmic motifs. Only truly luminary icons have candles in this exclusive collection. The Chelsea Merrill Collection uniquely combines devotional art with exciting designs, turning original paintings into candles that celebrate individuality and artistry.

In January of 2024, I handed over daily operations to Chelsea and now we have a new COO at the helm, but I am still staying on in a minor role as owner and founder.

Reflecting on this accidental entrepreneurship years later, I'm amazed at the growth and incredibly grateful to have accidentally started this fun little venture. It's been a wild ride, but every step has been worth it.


P.S. We believe strongly in giving back to the community that has helped us to thrive and to individuals around the world who are trying to ignite a light of their own. Check out the causes we support here.

The Luminary and Co. Team

Our team is currently located in The Luminary and Co. Studio at:
10015 Jefferson Hwy Unit D/E
New Orleans, LA 70123

The Luminary and Co. has been fortunate enough to get some cool media coverage! Check it out!