Stay Away Jim Cantore Devotional Prayer Saint Candle

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Stay Away Jim Cantore Prayer Candle

$5 of each sale will go to “Another Round Another Rally” in partnership with Turning Tables NOLA

Generally it costs $7-10 to ship each candle which is included in the price of purchase.

A Message From NOLA
You can always expect the New Orleans community to take care of it's own.  People are caring for one another in the ways we always do by giving even the smallest of what we have, feeding each other, going back and forth to bring gas and sharing the smallest of resources.  People right now are really hurting.  

Those that do not have the luxury of evacuation are without power, water and on their last dollars to survive.  There are others who could not leave their pets behind and sitting in hot boxes.  Some that have evacuated are on the verge of making a decision to sleep in their car because they can't put together the money to come home. 

The people returning home will immediately have to make up for money being spent without making money while paying bills and general cost of living expenses including caved in roofs and severe water damage.

IDA is a double whammy for New Orleans, especially in the midst of a pandemic.  The New Orleans hospitality has always been already been hit by the cancelation of festivals that would have provided a much needed boost for the local economy and even after reopening bars and restaurants will have to recoup lost expenses and take care of their people.

If you love New Orleans, think about the individuals who put their life into this and provide the experiences that you love.  We are strong and resilient communtiy but we can't continue to only rely on each other when tragedy strikes.  If you love NOLA and your heart goes out to NOLA, Please help.

Stay Away Jim Cantore Devotional Prayer Saint Candle - Mose Mary and Me
Stay Away Jim Cantore Devotional Prayer Saint Candle - Mose Mary and Me

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